Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Three Little Bears

My little son really likes these so he gave them names. We have (from left) Peter, George and Jack. 
These three bears are now ready for new homes.


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With the New Year a new little fairy was born.
 Her name is Olive.
Olive is just 2 inch tall in her sitting position. 
She is one of a kind sculpt by Doll With A Soul.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


This is my new doll, Yemeya. In some beliefs she is represented as a pregnant half woman and half fish, she would be the Goddess of Water, symbol of Motherhood and New Beginnings.
This is a commissioned piece with specifications as for the colour etc.
Mission accomplished.
More photos on my fb page Doll With A Soul.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Creative Fridays !!! - Rose

After a week of rain and cold we have a little sunshine today. I have even spotted a little fairy sitting in the garden... Look ! 

Her name is Rose.

- The doll/figurine was sculpted by me without use of any mold, she was painted with heat set paints and powders, glossed. 
- She has a multi colorured hair. 
- The wings are not removable.
- She is about 6cm tall in her position + hair. If she was standing she would be probably arround 11cm.


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Friday, 17 May 2013

Creative Fridays ! Today - WILD BERRY

Hi there, as you can notice I have skipped one Friday... But today I am ready to show you a little thing I made. Her name is Wild Berry, she is apparently taking a nap in the sunshine. We don't have a lot of sunshine here...

Wild Berry:
- ooak doll, fairy
- hand-sculpted without use of any mold
- painted with heat set paints and glossed
- the hair is multicoloured
- the wings are not removable
- approx 10cm tall

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