Tuesday, 13 August 2013


This is my new doll, Yemeya. In some beliefs she is represented as a pregnant half woman and half fish, she would be the Goddess of Water, symbol of Motherhood and New Beginnings.
This is a commissioned piece with specifications as for the colour etc.
Mission accomplished.
More photos on my fb page Doll With A Soul.


  1. I take it she is from the Yuroba religion? I love her face! She is totally beautiful.

  2. Hola Irmina,
    Hermosa sirena embarazada con ese estado de la maternidad. Muy bello trabajo y otros que he visto en tu blog.
    Te dejo la pregunta para agregarte en una entrada en mi blog de figuritas de arcilla, "EN LA TIERRA DE LAS HADAS".
    Me avisas y me das permiso para utilizar algunas imagenes tuyas.
    Gracias por pasar por mi blog.

  3. Hi The grandmommy, thank you for the comment, I must say I am not the expert on the religious side of this theme and I wouldn't like to give wrong information, but yes, she was a commission piece made to the specific requirements of my very dear client.