Wednesday, 21 April 2010


She is lost, this little one. I think she got lost in water...

I wanted to make something ghostly but not creepy.
And I love vintage.


  1. Nesca I really like her! Love her face and her colouring! beautiful!


  2. She's wonderful! I love her face and hair and that dress is beautiful! Gotta love the octopus too ~: )

  3. Ona jest poprostu FANTASTYCZNA! Świetna robota:)

  4. Hello...
    It's beautiful ..! Something ...Edwar hands of scissors, the movie starring jonny Depp, also Robert Smith, frontman and leader of the group the cure ...
    I really like..
    A hug!

  5. !!! How do you DO that?!! I mean, what kind of clay is that?! I'm so new to playing with different clays and such (it's actually out of real jobs available right now because the economy sucks but I've found I really like making things). Your work is lovely! I would love to know more about this. If you don't mind, that is. Thank you for sharing photos of your art on here!
    --Zoe, aka TheUndergroundMarket

  6. Thank you so much for lovely comments !

    Dear Sue,the coloring looks so much better in real, i just cant capture it...

    Pattee, i had that octopus in my head so long, it had to happen!

    The Old Maid and Drysz, dzieeeeeeki :)))

    Gloria!! yes, she does have something from Edward!!! and the guy from The Cure too!!! haha, i didnt see that before !its funny ! :)

    Zoe,i use Fimo Puppen Natural/Flesh, its my favorite after experiments with Sculpey and Prosculpt. Fimo is more flexible and doesnt break or burn so easy, and its very soft and easy to work with. The rest is just patience... Welcome to my blog:)

  7. Dziwne, że wcześniej Cię nie odkryłam, dopiero jak dołączyłaś do obserwujących mój blog.
    A tworzysz o niebo piękniejsze rzeczy ode mnie :D
    Strasznie mi się podoba modelowanie!
    Wspaniała robota ^^

  8. Love her hair and the!

  9. Wow! Amazing work! The details just add to already fabulous dolls.

  10. What a wonderful face! I love that she has the octopus to keep her company.

  11. Super gorgeous, I love her!

  12. My favorite of all of yours. Do you ever work in 1/12 scale? I have a "haunted dollhouse" that I've been building for the last 11 years and I'm always looking for something new.


  13. Hi Jenny, the Bloggess, thank you very much for your lovely comment, I am happy that you like this doll, I actually attached myself to her so much that I have never put her on sale.. I have never tried to work in a scale, especially so small, I don't feel like I have this kind of skills, it's sooo tiny !!! The dolls I usually make are about 9in tall, I like to work on this size because of the detail I can achieve with my current skill. If I ever manage small scale I will let you know, it's sooo cool to have a hunted miniature house !!! All the best !