Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I started to write this blog and share my art with you a year ago.
I met so many beautiful souls, talented artists, great friends.

Thank you with all my heart, I appreciate all your visits, all your kind words ...

I was restless since some time, like when you feel that changes are coming or you feel you should change things, this "move on" kind of feelings.

Or maybe it's just spring poping up green leaves on the tree in my little garden and I am not ready yet.

A year ago I started this blog probably for the same reasons, to clean up, organize.
Today I want to be ready for NEW.

I started to digg in backgrounds, formats, colors... and I found myself back with my old good place. Sometimes we need to run away to find ourselves.

I am watching this blank blog, waiting for new inspirations.
I am watching it with a bit of regret that it's actually blank.
I am watching it with excitment of unknown, so many things I want to try or improve.

The result... I feel challenged by myself.
I feel actually refreshed in my old skin.

Katharsis? maybe... or maybe just one of my crazy moments.

Good to be back.
I love it.


  1. Nesca, I go through this same feeling several times a year. Perhaps it is part of the whole creative process? If you do end up feeling challenged by yourself however, I think this is a good thing!

    Glad you are back too!



  2. Oh my ... I am glad you understand Dear Sue... I was only worried for all my friends and lovely visitors to not be too disapointed and to continue to stepping by.