Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It has been a while...
I felt that sculpting , which I love, was taking too much of my attention and I forgot to actually live. I made more space in my life for things I was doing not enough... I made myself present in daily tasks. I started to breath fresh air. I was doing more things, for my family and for myself.

It's all about balance.

I want to show you what I am working on.
I am making this figurine for someone special who pointed on opportunities that I didn't see and gave me courage to make a move.
It's for you Dear Helene (Intuitive Goddess) !
It's my own interpretation of Isis that you worship.
I hope you will like it...

My Isis is still in progress, she needs some costume and she needs to have her hair done but here she is so far ...


  1. Dear Nesca, she has a very unique, and interesting face. Can't wait to see her in completion. xoxo Christel

  2. She is gorgeous...I have a tiny porcelain antique nude in that same pose. Beautiful sculpture!

  3. Piękne oczy i ...super łokcie:)Kurczę, fajnie by było gdyby miała cos tylko przejrzystego na sobie, bo szkoda zasłaniać tę pozę i ciałko:)

  4. Hi Nesca,
    A very beautiful piece. Great job!

  5. Hello .. Welcome back in the blog ..!
    As I see you're back to the great ... Beautiful ...! Congratulations ...!

  6. She is beautiful. And I don't know...I kinda like her hair like it is.
    I really love your little faces.

  7. My Dear Nesca,
    I am both honored and humbled. I don't even know what to say. You were the first person to follow my blog and you won my first giveaway ---NO, it wasn't fixed,lol!
    I believe that My Lady chose for our paths to cross.
    As for your interpretation... She is quite beautiful and I know that Isis/Aset is smiling upon you!!!
    Mad Hugs & Love!

  8. Thank You Girls !!!!! She is full of mistakes as i cant get the body wright yet... but i am happy you all like her !!! I am quite proud of her, she has the best human face i have ever sculpted. Thank You !

  9. Hi -- I'm here via Intuitive Goddess's blog. That is one sexy modern Isis, Queen of All! I love how Her wingspread is portrayed as a tattoo on Her back!

  10. Hi Nesca i have come via intuitive Goddess blog, and i am so glad i did She is stunning :) you are amazingly talented lady her face is amazing wow cant wait to see her finished x x x

  11. Dear Debra She Who Seeks and Crystalrainbow, welcome to my blog, i am happy you have found me through my Dear friend Helene.
    Lots of Love!