Thursday, 17 June 2010


I loooove BJDs!!!!!!!
Who doesn't?
There is something magical about them...
They are real art in movement.

I don't have any BJD. I never even had one in my hands.

Well... I have one Obitsu. I bought her a year ago and since then I was always looking for her parts in all house as my 3 year old son would spin her all over the place....

I didn't fell in love with her... for those who don't know - Obitsu is not strung. It is not really a BJD.
But it moves and is cheap.

I also picked the wrong size body for the head so I was totaly not interested with her for a looong time....

Until now !
I realised she has a little cute face and I decided to paint it !
YES!!! ME!!! my first face-up !!!
Of course I had no idea how to do that,lol...
I think it suppose to be done with some powders, minerals, special paints, acrylics... have no idea....
What I know is how to paint clay. Yes, I did it like I do with my clay dolls !!!! risking melted vinyl or whatever this doll is made of...

It works though.


  1. Zanim przeczytałam Twój post zobaczyłam w zajawkach fotkę i pomyślałam sobie: O! Face up jak w BJD! :D Urocza buzia! NO to teraz już poprostu "musisz" dokupić ciałko, dorobić peruczkę oraz uszyć ciuszki ;)

  2. śliczna główka :)

    It is pretty :-)