Saturday, 5 March 2011


I am a learning artist.
I can't really imagine stop learning.
Recently I felt desperate to find a good and cheap 3D body reference. Of course there are some awesome examples from AnatomyTools but quite out of my financial limit. There are also brilliant photos for artists in internet, there are few quality services to register that offer body references. It's a great tool to learn realistic shapes. However, I must admit I am very much "touch everything" person... I just HAVE TO TOUCH ! By the way, I love Louvre... :)
Unfortunately I was very unsuccessfull in my search for cheap 3D body reference of realistic look and correct anatomy... so... I had to do it on my own.

Meet Lavender, my dummy.
Dummy is not the best word probably... She is a Body Of Reference. It sounds better. I can't call her a PIECE. She was not ment to be one. She has a lot of imperfections, she has a lot of breaks which I fixed and covered up in very messy way... She is made from the mix of old crumbly (also not very clean) purple clay and some other combinations... But it is not her purpose to be perfect, she only needs to be still. And in "OK" proportions. I am still learning anatomy myself and I am far from CORRECT but lavender gives me 3D reference to keep the general shape and proportion, the size, the size of the wire for armature, some shapes to not forget or to think in advance while sculpting, also the shapes to correct or make better.

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  1. Well I dont think you have done too badly. She stands alone on her own merit. Some pieces flaws and all show a journey, one of learning and coming into being. I think she is great and her journey hasnt been too arduous. One day you might decide to extend her journey by adding a bit of hair and some drapery.

    We never stop learning from the day we are born till the day we go over the rainbow bridge. Learning is a a good thing.

    Debie xxxx