Wednesday, 13 April 2011

GIVING SOME LOVE BACK - IntuitiveGoddess & Doll With A Soul Giveaway!

Dear Friends and Followers,

I would like to tell you about a special giveaway that is in preparation.

My very Dear Friend Helene ( IntuitiveGoddess ) came up with this beautiful idea of a special giveaway. It will be happening on her blog.
Our intention is to give some love back to the world in this difficult time of change ...
For me personnaly it is a special THANK YOU to Helene, amazingly gifted medium and a wise woman, for her support, help, advise and generous kind heart.

But there is much more to be said. Please join my beautiful Friend Helene on her blog page and facebook.

As for the giveaway itself, I will be making a special piece inspired by Yemeya theme.
The photos of the work in progress will be posted on IntuitiveGoddess blog.
Lets hope I can manage with such a honourable task.

Please join us.

To enter the giveaway FIRST :

- please join IntuitiveGoddess blog or facebook (or both, there are different things going on made with love !!!)

- You also would have to be follower of my blog or fan of my facebook page.


There will be additional requirements to have a chance to win the One Of A Kind Yemeya doll. Please join IntuitiveGoddess blog and check back !

The doll is in making :)



Doll With A Soul


  1. I've been a follower of Intuitive Goddess for awhile but now I've joined your site too.

  2. Hello Irmina ...
    How are you? ... I follow you always, but on FB, because I have some problems to open my blog with my pc ...
    If I understand it, just a giveaway ...!? I participate willingly ... I still have the kitten in the cabinet and is close to my little witch, and then with the pin ... beautiful ...
    Congratulations on your creations, more and more beautiful ....
    a hug

  3. I am glad you are feeling it Jake! And thanks for being Jake and not Sterling ! Sterling is scary ! haha ! Take care, both :)

    Gloria Dear, thank you for checking on me! you are Sweetheart ! and i am very happy to know you still have little clay doodles from me:)
    As for the giveaway, it's not really mine, I only deliver a doll in the beautiful and inspiring theme ordered by my wonderful friend for her give away, i am honoured to do so. To participate please check the details on Lots of Love Gloria !